2020 Virtual training series

In the middle of a pandemic, the inspiring and historic uprisings for Black lives, and an election where we’re contesting for democracy itself, it’s time for those of us dedicated to justice and liberation to continue rising up.

Join #TeamReFrame for a series of trainings* that will provide you with the strategic orientation and practical skills you need to lean into crisis and make it an opportunity to advance narrative for justice and liberation. 

These trainings–grounded in narrative power building, organizing, and communications–are for organizers, canvassers, members, leaders, communicators, directors, and activists. Register for 1 or all 4 below!

Narrative Power Now: Building Communications Strategy

Tuesday, August 25 at 10-12 PT / 12-2 CT / 1-3 ET

Learn how to approach strategic communications & narrative power, and what you can do now to advance long-term justice and liberation narratives.

Participants will learn practical application of these core concepts in their organizations, coalitions and networks.

You are not alone: Narrative Power-Building Across the Organization

Tuesday, September 8 at 10-12 PT / 12-2 CT / 1-3 ET

No matter the organization or structure, integrating and aligning (comms) strategy across an organization allows it to be more impactful. 

Participants will build an understanding of how to shift organization to integrate strategy and flex narrative power-building muscles.

Working with the Press

Tuesday, September 22 at 10-12 PT / 12-2 CT / 1-3 ET

While the media world is in flux, there are still essential skills for working with reporters, editors, and publishers to place stories that build power. 

Participants will learn (or brush up on) this skill set.

Organizing in the Digital Realm with Kairos

Tuesday, October 6 at 10-12 PT / 12-2 CT / 1-3 ET

This isn’t your parent’s internet–the digital realm offers us countless opportunities to organize and build power.

Participants will learn how to build power online through innovative organizing, grounded in racial justice. Kairos shows us how.

*These trainings are produced by ReFrame’s Catalyst program, which runs the ReFrame Mentorship and the New Majority Fellowship (in partnership with Power California). Through training, capacity building, mentoring, coaching and deep leadership development we are growing a generation of networked strategists and the support and resources they need to build narrative power and win. ReFrame programs foreground values of justice and liberation, and build containers that are multi-racial, multi-class, multi-genders, while also majority people of color, majority women, and a strong plurality of queer and trans people.