Shanelle Matthews

Shanelle Matthews

For more than ten years, Shanelle has helped social justice activists, organizations, and campaigns inspire action through storytelling and communications. From the Sierra Club, to the ACLU, to the Black Lives Matter Global Network, she’s worked alongside political influencers and change-makers to make sense of today’s most pressing issues and to harness grassroots power for […]

It’s Humanizing (Video)

Shanelle Matthews, ReFrame mentor and Communications Director at Black Lives Matter Global Network, reflects on why learning and collaborative spaces like ReFrame are humanizing and powerful for oppressed communities.

ReFrame For Our Future (Video)

The ReFrame Mentorship is a six-month program that builds the next generation of strategic communicators in social justice, and supports organization to integrate communications as a core strategy. Featuring: Hairo Cortes, Shanelle Matthews, Jen Soriano, Jasmine Leeward and Fresco Steez.


Today, emergent networks and movements like Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives are creating new ways of organizing, ones that focus less on top-down hierarchical organizational structures and more on decentralized collaboration among various actors, united around a common vision and frame. Due to their flexible and nimble nature, these movements are […]