Jen Soriano, Advisory Board Chair

Jen Soriano

Jen Soriano is a Pinay writer and communications strategist originally from Chicago. She is a leader in the field of progressive communications, with 20 years of experience building the persuasive power of social justice groups across the country.  Through her consultancy Lionswrite Communications, Jen has strengthened dozens of the most impactful environmental, immigrant rights, racial […]

ReFrame For Our Future (Video)

The ReFrame Mentorship is a six-month program that builds the next generation of strategic communicators in social justice, and supports organization to integrate communications as a core strategy. Featuring: Hairo Cortes, Shanelle Matthews, Jen Soriano, Jasmine Leeward and Fresco Steez.


By Jen Soriano, creative commons copyright Communications planning can seem overwhelming. It often gets neglected or ignored. We think “we don’t have time or money to do that!” Or, we spend a lot of time making communications plans that just sit on the shelf instead of coming to life in our day to day work. I’m not quite sure when and how communications got separated from all the other vital functions of our daily work, but I do know that the more communications can get integrated into your existing planning processes, the more effective it will be. You can use these suggested questions to integrate strategic communications planning into various levels and layers of your organizational work. Before you answer any of these questions remember that you have to have two things: CLEAR GOALS and TARGET AUDIENCES. And following up on any of these questions you always need CLEAR BENCHMARKS and REALISTIC OUTCOMES. […]


The other day Jen Soriano (ReFrame Mentor and program advisor) called me. I could hear the clatter of dishes, a hissing espresso machine, and snippets of other people’s conversations in the background.  We’ve been talking a lot in the last few weeks since we launched the program. Now we are getting ready for the opening retreat next […]