Steven Renderos

Steven Renderos is the Organizing Director at the Center for Media Justice. He is passionate about the role of media and communications in building movements for social change. He’s been a community organizer for the past 10 years leading campaigns for affordable housing, immigrant rights and most recently communication rights. He helped lead CMJ’s advocacy and organizing efforts to win reforms that have made phone calls from prisons more affordable and the Internet more open and affordable. Previously, Steven led the Media Justice program at Main Street Project in Minneapolis, MN where he helped jumpstart a local collaborative that will be applied for a radio license in the fall 2013. Steven aka DJRen is also the co-founder of Radio Pocho, a collaborative of [email protected] radio DJs in Minneapolis whose mission is to explore the musical roots of Latinx raised in the United States.Steven grew up in from Los Angeles, CA where he currently resides.

Shaunte’ Harris

Born and Raised in Massillon, Ohio Shaunté is the Digital Campaign Manager for Ohio Student Association. In high school, her passion for media lead her to Kent State University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Media Production with a minor in Pan-African Studies. During College, she was awaken to the social, racial and economic disparities that would systematically hinder Black People.

From this Shaunte’ has dedicated her time to criminal justice reform, civic engagement, political eduction and furthering black futures. She joined the Akron Organizing Collaborative as a voter registration canvasser, and voter education in low propensity voting neighborhoods. She then joined the Ohio Organizing Collaborative as the Digital Communications Coordinator and worked on campaigns like, police brutally and accountability, higher education, school-to-prision pipeline, safety net, bail reform and a criminal justice campaign that lead to a state wide ballot initiative. She now works with the Ohio Student Association and is currently working on ban-the-box campaigns for higher education institutions, bail reform, and joining art activists through the Midwest Culture Labs. In her free time she spends her time being a creative by filming videos, creating digital content, or expressing herself through makeup.

Miguel Andrade

Miguel Andrade was born in 1991 in Colombia and immigrated with his family to the U.S when he was 5 years old. He has been active in Philadelphia’s Latino Immigrant community since late 2008. He started getting involved in community activism at the age of 17 and since then has become one of Philadelphia’s leading young voices for immigrant rights, education equity and human rights. He volunteered with the Media Mobilizing Project where he honed his skills in community journalism & TV hosting before going into the immigrant rights field. In 2010 he co-founded, produced, and hosted “MMPTV” a TV news & analysis program that aired online as well as Public Access Cable. After joining the team of the immigrant rights nonprofit Juntos in 2011 he co-founded one of Philadelphia’s only latino-immigrant youth leadership programs and helped to highlight the experiences of latino immigrant youth in the city of Philadelphia. This lead to partnerships with the Mayor’s Office of Education in creating a comprehensive guide on college access of undocumented youth as well as collaborating with the School District of Philadelphia in training staff on how to work with and support undocumented students. All of this while working with young people to helps promote youth empowerment in the community. He has also collaborated with State Elected Officials in helping draft laws that will be beneficial for the immigrant community in the state of PA. He was honored by the Philadelphia 76ers in 2014 with the “Hero Among Us” award for his work in the community. His passion for immigrant rights has led him to work at the national level with other immigrant rights groups across the country and is an active participant with Mijente and Not1More. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the US Human Rights Network in 2014 and currently is the youngest member. He serves on the board with other human rights activists and leaders from across the country.

Rebecca Harris

Rebecca Harris is the Development and Communications Manager at Latino Union of Chicago, which supports day laborers and domestic workers in creating safer workplaces, developing their leadership and building a larger movement for immigrants and workers rights. Since joining Latino Union in late 2014, Rebecca has doubled the organization’s individual giving, increased supporter engagement and expanded Latino Union’s use of earned media. Before Rebecca joined Latino Union, she worked as an investigative journalist covering Chicago Public Schools. When not at work, she enjoys hiking and dancing.

Libeth Morales

Libeth Morales spearheads organizational, network, and external communications at the Center for Media Justice. She brings over 7 years of communications and marketing strategy experience to her role. Prior to joining CMJ, Libeth was the Senior Communications Manager at the Entertainment Industry Foundation, where she leveraged influential voices in film and television to amplify the impact of the foundation’s various charitable initiatives, including Stand Up To Cancer. As the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants, field workers, musicians, and educators, Libeth is firmly committed to change and justice and holds a deep appreciation for art and education. Libeth earned her BA in Sociology from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. A Los Angeles native, she is an avid Dodgers fan and firm supporter of fruit stand vendors who sell cucumber with salt and lemon.

Jasmine Leeward

Jasmine received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Africana Studies from the College of William and Mary in 2016. As the daughter of a Ghanaian immigrant father, she has always been invested in identity politics and the African Diaspora. She has been an organizer with New Virginia Majority since June of 2016. Jasmine started off as a voter registration organizer and is currently the Communications Associate. Much of her work involves fighting for the restoration of voting rights for formerly incarcerated citizens and immigrant rights. She strives to take lofty political policies that are damaging working families and communities of color, and illustrates how they play out in the lives of those it affects. Jasmine’s mission, as an activist by way of communications, is to live up to Audre Lorde’s definition of survival, “learning how to stand alone, unpopular and sometimes reviled, and how to make common cause with those others identified as outside the structures in order to define and seek a world in which we can all flourish.”

Joanna Arellano

Joanna Arellano is the Communications & Development Director for Raise the Floor Alliance, where she helps create a collaborative communications strategy for workers’ rights and worker centers in Chicago. Additionally, she manages the RTF grant portfolio, engaging donors and interested stakeholders into the work of RTF. Joanna formerly managed a grant portfolio that funds community organizing and economic development work. She’s a co-founder of the Coalition for Spiritual & Public Leadership, a direct-action organizing organization grounded in the Catholic theological + spiritual traditions, where she is also Chair of the Training Committee. She is a Board Member of the Coop-Ed Center, a first-of-its-kind worker cooperative incubator in Chicago. She formerly sat on the Board of Directors for Chicago Fair Trade and currently fundraises for Fondos Semillas, the only grant-funding organization for women in Mexico, which also funds cooperatives throughout Mexico. In her spare time, Joanna paints and embroiders while listening to the latest on Radio Ambulante.

JaNae’ Bates

JaNaé Bates is the new Communications Director of ISAIAH, a faith-based organization dedicated to economic and racial justice for the world in general and for the state of Minnesota especially by being a vehicle for congregations, clergy, and people of faith to act collectively and powerfully toward that end. JaNaé is a proud Sum Cum Laude alumna of Wilberforce University, graduating first in her class while receiving her BA in Mass Media Communications. She was later awarded the Fulbright International Post Graduate Scholarship for the 2013-14 school year. As a Fulbright Scholar JaNaé received her Master of Theology in Ministry and Mission at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, United Kingdom with First Honours, the highest distinction. Her focus is on theologies concerning marginalized and oppressed people – primarily Liberation Theology, Disability Theology, Black Liberation Theology and Womanist Theology. Professionally, she was a staff writer with the Call and Post Newspapers in Cleveland, Ohio, dedicated to writing stories concerning the local community and exposing issues that directly affect Cleveland’s minority populations. More recently she was with PR Newswire’s Cleveland branch and had been for seven years where she functioned as a senior editor for the global newswire service. JaNaé also worked with the Cleveland bureau for the Anti-Defamation League, an organization dedicated to anti-bias and anti-prejudice support for schools and community institutions. There she served as a facilitator and worked primarily in schools to lead in conversations and exercises with students and teachers about bullying and anti-bias. JaNaé has been an active member of Imani Church United Church of Christ in Euclid, Ohio for almost 25 years. There she received the call to teach the Gospel through the Imani Bible Institute and is a licensed minister with specialization in the area of Social Justice. As a Clevelander, she spent her free time with friends and family as well as writing, reading, and being a local activist with several organizations against racial, economic and gender injustice in the community. New to Minnesota, she was recently announced as a fellow of the Dr. Josie R. Johnson Leadership Academy with the African American Leadership Forum in the Twin Cities. She looks forward to engaging in relationships with local faith communities and the larger surrounding areas.