Reyna (Rey) Wences

Reyna (Rey) Wences is one of the co-founders of the Immigrant Youth Justice League and Organized Communities Against Deportations. Reyna began organizing in 2009, at the age of 18, and was part of the first campaign to “Come Out of the Shadows” in 2010. Today, Reyna is a nationally known organizer for their work in undocumented rights. Reyna has experience working on deportation defense in Chicago and in New Orleans, both with immigrant youth and day laborers. Since 2011, Reyna has led trainings on deportation defense, leadership development, Know Your Rights, and Direct Action, and has traveled to California, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona to share organizing tools and strategies. Reyna is the recipient of national awards recognizing their national and local contributions to the fight for immigrant rights, including: the Mario Savio Young Activist Award (2010), Fear From Freedom Award (2011) and the Davis Putter Scholarship (2013-2014).

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