Spin Academy


SPIN Academy is now part of ReFrame! The SPIN Academy is a 20-year-old trend-setting communications training program, and – after a year of careful planning and close collaboration – in 2019, SPIN Academy became part of Reframe.

SPIN 2019 hosted by Reframe will take place August 20-23 in Marin, Calif.  This multi-day communications and strategy training provides participants with a thorough understanding of how to use communications to achieve change. Registration for the 2019 SPIN by ReFrame is by invitation only. For more information, email [email protected]

Goals for SPIN by ReFrame are to:

  • Increase participants’ understanding of a communications praxis that  helps win short and mid-term racial justice, climate justice, and gender justice campaigns, while advancing long-term societal narratives.  
  • Improve participants’ strategic communications skill sets, and understanding of when to implement one tactic over another.
  • Increase collaboration and cooperation across social justice organizations and sectors through relationship building and common frame setting.

The SPIN by ReFrame training curriculum provides participants with concrete, practical tools so that they can effectively communicate with targeted audiences with messages that mobilize action, attract support, and amplify power.  Training topics include the basic building blocks of effective communications, including strategy development, storytelling, message creation, op-ed writing, spokespersons skills, online communications, social media and more. 

Peer-to-peer learning and networking will be key elements of the SPIN by ReFrame. Participants will not only benefit from the guidance and expertise of our professional staff, but from each other. Symbiotic relationships develop over the course of the training: attendees with extensive experience typically mentor those who are new to strategic communications; emerging strategists often bring fresh perspectives and a facility with cutting-edge tactics that experienced leaders find energizing. ReFrame will play a coordinating role in keeping attendees connected after the training. SPIN trainers – a mix of ReFrame mentors, trainers, and alumni and SPIN Academy veteran trainers – will also be available for coaching during the training.

​For more information on the event – including detailed logistics information for participants, click here.