Spin by ReFrame FAQ

Where is SPIN by ReFrame held?
SPIN will take place at Walker Creek Ranch, a beautiful, rustic retreat setting amid rolling hills and pastures, with nearby hiking trails and a small lake for swimming and canoeing.

Walker Creek Ranch is nestled between Petaluma and Tomales Bay in a secluded and peaceful area. The Ranch features 20 miles of hiking trails, a four acre pond, and an organic garden. Walker Creek Ranch sits on rolling hills, and participants will walk between training sessions through natural forest and grasslands;  it is not unusual to see deer, foxes, hawks and other animals throughout the ranch. The majority of Walker Creek Ranch facilities are wheelchair accessible, but the property itself is sprawling and can be a challenge for those with mobility considerations.

The weather should be quite warm during the day, breezy or foggy in the afternoon, and chilly at night. The chance of rain is very, very slight. (New visitors to Northern California, do take note: it will get cold at night!) Please bring a sweater or jacket, and remember, layers are your friend!

A small store on site carries basic sundries and snack items, but it does not carry cigarettes. Smoking in this high-fire-risk area is restricted to specially designated smoking areas only.

Can I see the agenda?
Each year, we tailor the agenda to meet the needs of both participants and current events. We’re in the process of crafting this year’s program, so in the meantime, you can take a peak at a sample agenda from a prior training.

How do I get to SPIN Academy?
If you need transportation to Walker Creek Ranch, SPIN by ReFrame will charter a bus from two pick-up locations in San Francisco.  If you have questions about this, email [email protected]
Participants are also free to carpool.

What should I bring?
Please know that packing appropriately for this rustic environment will help you be comfortable and have more fun.
We want your time at SPIN by Reframe to be as comfortable and productive as possible!  Sheets, towels and blankets will be provided, but you may wish to bring a sleeping bag or extra towel for your comfort.
We recommend bringing the following items with you to the Academy:

  • Samples of your organization’s communications materials (e.g., brochures, annual reports, fact sheets) to share with other participants
  • Directions to the site
  • Flashlight (with batteries) – very important!
  • All toiletries (e.g., shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap)
  • Other personal or medical items, such as prescription medicine, allergy medicine, contact lens solution and case, eye drops
  • Clothes for hot days and cool evenings (a windbreaker and sweater are ideal)
  • Walking shoes – comfortable, sturdy footwear such as tennis shoes or hiking boots
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Daypack
  • Earplugs
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Sleeping bag  

Is there wifi/cell service at Walker Creek Ranch? 
Cell phones do not work at the site.
Participants have access to two pay phones on the property, plus computers equipped with Skype for participant use. To make a call on the pay phones, you will need a calling card with a toll-free access number.

The ranch also takes urgent messages for participants, which are delivered to the dining room at each mealtime. The phone number for the ranch is 415-491-6603.

Wifi access is available in our two largest meeting rooms, which have T1 lines. However, the connection is not always strong.

What are the accommodations and meals like at Walker Creek?
Registration fees cover the cost of all meals and accommodations for the duration of the training. Vegetarian and vegan options are available at all meals.

Housing is shared dormitory style, with each room housing two to three participants. We cannot make accommodations for single occupancy. Please expect to share a room.
While neither the food nor lodging could be described as luxurious, both have a certain rustic charm, and the site is both comfortable and beautiful!

I still have questions! Who should I contact?
If you still have questions, email us at [email protected]  We’ll take care of you!