Raine Brandon

Raine Brandon, Program Associate

Raine Brandon conducted youth justice research while completing her BA in Sociology, with a minor in Criminology/Criminal Justice, at Hampton University. Her research led to opportunities to publish and present at numerous conferences and participate in a National Science Foundation summer research internship with The University of Miami, Graduate School. She then went on to receive her Masters in Social Work with an emphasis on Community Action and Social Policy at University of Maryland, Baltimore. During this time she had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines with a multi-disciplinary group of students, furthering her passion for children and social justice. Raine began her career working as the Program Manager for The Just Kids Campaign at CLIA, where they worked to stop the automatic prosecution of youth charged as adults in the Maryland criminal justice system through community organizing, education and legislative advocacy. Raine is currently living in the Sunshine State with her husband John, where they are involved with their church’s creative ministry and are appreciating building community that’s becoming like family. Raine is also a writer who enjoys reading, traveling and eating delicious food.

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