Joanna Arellano

Joanna Arellano is the Communications & Development Director for Raise the Floor Alliance, where she helps create a collaborative communications strategy for workers’ rights and worker centers in Chicago. Additionally, she manages the RTF grant portfolio, engaging donors and interested stakeholders into the work of RTF. Joanna formerly managed a grant portfolio that funds community organizing and economic development work. She’s a co-founder of the Coalition for Spiritual & Public Leadership, a direct-action organizing organization grounded in the Catholic theological + spiritual traditions, where she is also Chair of the Training Committee. She is a Board Member of the Coop-Ed Center, a first-of-its-kind worker cooperative incubator in Chicago. She formerly sat on the Board of Directors for Chicago Fair Trade and currently fundraises for Fondos Semillas, the only grant-funding organization for women in Mexico, which also funds cooperatives throughout Mexico. In her spare time, Joanna paints and embroiders while listening to the latest on Radio Ambulante.

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