Hermelinda Cortés (she/they) is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant father and a white factory-workinʼ mama. Raised in the country amidst the Southern delicacies of potato salad and mole, she is a working class Xicana Queer Feminist mama from the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. A luddite techie at heart, she schemes and daydreams about liberation and movement driven communications to build lasting connections between communities and to strategically dismantle systems of domination. She came to movement with lots of other young people through Students for a Democratic Society in the height of protests against the Iraq War, climate change, and draconian immigration policy. She has been organizing ever since working across issues and across identities with organizations like the People United, 97.3 LPFM WRIR Independent Radio, the Flying Brick Library, the Shenandoah Valley YES! Alliance, Better Together, Southerns On New Ground, and Groundswell Fund. She comes to ReFrame after a decade of organizing and communications brujería. Hermelinda returned to the rolling blue hills of Virginia in 2012 (after a somewhat failed attempt at city life) where she writes, cooks, and kicks it with her dogs, kid, chickens, and chosen familia. She believes in the magic, alchemy, strategy, and revolutionary possibilities of small towns and rural people.

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