Whitney Alexis

Rethink New Orleans.
Whitney Alexis is a proud young Black radical using media as a tool to organize with Black youth.She attends The University of New Orleans and is majoring in Business Administration. She was born and raised in New Orleans, LA where she has been a youth organizer with Rethink for 8 years. Rethink is an organization that supports Black youth and youth of color in becoming thoughtful and capable leaders through the process of critically rethinking their experiences and taking action to create trans formative systemic change. Whitney is currently Rethink’s Youth Leader as well as Rethink’s Media and Logistics Coordinator. In her work with Rethink, Whitney was deeply involved in shaping the Five Points of Liberation, a document which includes a vision for ending mass media narratives that dehumanize and demonize Black youth and youth of color. She was also a co-author of Our New Orleans, a report centering the Black youth perspective on the tenth anniversary of Katrina. In addition to intensive political education at Rethink, she has participated in training with BOLD and Journey For Justice,participated in the Allied Media Conference and has led training on Undoing Adultism for local youth and adult workers of different organizations. She has traveled internationally, to Belize, to build solidarity with other youth organizers. Currently, Whitney is responsible for creating social media content that amplifies Rethink’s political messages and strategically engaging with mass media outlets. In this vein, she has been a guest host multiple times on WBOK radio and generated heat for #JusticeForJami and #JusticeForJaSean viral campaigns. Whitney aspires to be an independent political journalist, using blogs and podcasts to talk directly with young people about political issues. She is also a painter, singer and a poet.

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