Shawn Fleek

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon.
My name at birth was Shawn Fleek, and in 2015 my last name became popular slang. My Tinder bio used to say “I love Portland enough to tell it when it makes mistakes, and I want people in my life who love me that way.” I grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania, the son of two factory workers. I’m a queer cis man, able-bodied, non-neurotypical. I’m multiracial. My grandmother raised me to be proud of and identify with my Native ancestry. We’re descendants of the Northern Arapaho tribe. I’m a transit-dependent renter, I’ve lived in Portland since 2007, and in that time I’ve lived in 14 apartments because again: renter, Portland. I recently became the Director of Narrative Strategy for OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon; I get to help all sorts of audiences understand OPAL’s amazing work organizing in East Portland and across the state to reduce race and class disparities, and achieve environmental and climate justice. In my spare time I write stories, run Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, enjoy cinema, drink tea, and eat the best food I can find or make.

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