Monique Nguyen Belizario

Matahari Women Workers’ Center.
Monique Nguyen Belizario is a passionate changemaker on the leading edge of women’s rights. Under her leadership as the Executive Director since 2012, MataHari has become a vibrant, political community that’s making strides to advance rights and protections for women, immigrants and domestic workers. Monique help founded the Massachusetts Coalition for Domestic Workers in 2010, which successfully spearheaded the passage of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in 2014. She is a skilled facilitator, strategist and community organizer known for her abilities in using technology for advocacy and movement building. She has spoken on women’s leadership and empowerment, community base-building, domestic workers rights, racial justice and immigrant rights at campuses and events across the country. Monique’s drive for social justice is rooted in her own personal experience as an immigrant and daughter of Vietnam War refugees and a deep belief that all people deserve dignity. She loves to cook, hike, dream and scheme about community building. Others know her for her past service on the board of United for a Fair Economy and the Student Immigrant Movement and as co-founder of EMW: Art, Technology and Community center in Cambridge, MA. She is based in Boston and also calls Vancouver and Houston her other homes.

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