Megan Whelan

California Domestic Workers Coalition.
Megan Whelan began her career in social and environmental justice more than ten years ago organizing with workers-rights center Fuerza Laboral, based out of Central Falls, Rhode Island. She continued her pursuit of social justice at an international level, serving as a human rights observer for the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala and later as their U.S. Operations and Programs Coordinator, where she helped organize strategic digital, corporate accountability campaigns against multinational mineral and energy extraction companies. In 2016, Megan began work with the California Domestic Workers Coalition. In her role as Statewide Logistics and Communications Coordinator, Megan has supported the convening of hundreds of domestic workers across the state to assert their power in the State’s capitol; has trained dozens of worker and employer spokespeople; and has led the development of the core messaging and story-based communications strategies. Alongside her work with the coalition, Megan serves as the Chairperson for GABRIELA-Oakland, a grassroots Filipina women’s organization that seeks the liberation of all Filipino and oppressed peoples from the Bay to the Philippines.

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