Mariam Dembele

Media Mobilizing Project.
Mariam Dembele is a multimedia journalist. She began writing in 2014, while she was a student at Temple University. Her reporting focused on student activism, community relations and changes to the surrounding area. Since then, she has continued to cover news, politics, culture and social justice issues throughout Philadelphia, with a focus on community-based solutions. In 2017, Mariam started working at Media Mobilizing Project as a production intern. It was here that she realized her passion for visual storytelling. With MMP, she has produced videos about the fight to end youth homelessness and the immigrant rights movement. She currently serves as the Communications Coordinator. Through her work, Mariam aims to further engage people in Philadelphia in social justice issues, to center community voices in the narrative and to amplify the continuous work communities are doing to build a more just Philadelphia. Mariam holds a B.A. in Journalism from Temple University. She also freelance writes for African-American Culture Magazine FunTimes, along with other publications.

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