Manuela (“Mely”) Galan

Waco Immigrants Alliance (WIA).
Manuela Galan or “Mely” is the community organizer for the Waco Immigrants Alliance. Mely is a mpther of two children and studying Psychology at Mclennan Community College. While organizing for her father’s deportation defense, Mely found that she had a passion for fighting injustice and oppression toward people of color, that seemed to only worsen over time. During her fight to keep her father home, Mely was found by Hope – the Director of the Waco Immigrants Alliance- and was invited to join the Board and eventually the staff of the WIA. Mely has made it her goal to finish her degree in psychology and help those affected by the trauma caused by the country’s broken immigration system. She wants to work with families but especially desires to work with the children affected by it, having lived the struggle first hand. In her free time, Mely likes to spend her time with her family, walk through nature, and research unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, and criminological psychology.

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