Magaly Smith

Magaly is a storyteller who believes that sharing stories can create change within communities. She joined OneAmerica in 2019 and came from working at College Access Now, an organization that gave her the opportunity to share the dreams and aspirations of students from low-income backgrounds— stories that reflected her own experiences as a first-generation high school and college graduate. Magaly was motivated to join OneAmerica because of her experience being the proud daughter of Guatemalan immigrants. From a young age, Magaly witnessed the hardships and fear her parents faced while simultaneously doing all that they could to provide a brighter future for her and her brother. These experiences push Magaly to want challenge the systemic injustices and false narratives surrounding immigrant and refugees today. Magaly was born and raised in Lakewood, WA. She graduated from Western Washington University in 2016 with a BA in Human Services and a minor in Education and Social Justice. Her call for justice is informed by her Catholic faith and the understanding that our liberation is tied to one another—if one of us struggles, we all struggle.

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