L’lerret Ailith

Black Youth Project 100.
L’lerrét Jazelle Ailith (she/they) identifies as a non-binary trans femme and is dedicated to utilizing multiple media platforms as vehicles for community mobilization and restorative justice. She currently serves as the Communications Manager for Black Youth Project 100. She attended Xavier University of Louisiana and received her Bachelor’s in Chemistry with a minor in Women’s Studies. Through her collegiate experience she developed a passion for online communication as an integral tool for building connections among marginalized communities all over the world and for contributing to the most transformative politicization processes. As a content writer for ELIXHER Magazine and a strategist for the Trans Women of Color Collective (no longer affiliated), she has developed strategies for brand building, community outreach and cooperative economics using online channels. She is committed to bringing this framework into organizing and public policy reform, while building solidarity, contributing to trauma-healing initiatives, improving public health, and developing/fostering community social awareness and critical analysis.

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