Liz Ryan Murray

People’s Action.
Liz Ryan Murray is the Policy Director for National People’s Action (NPA). Liz provides legislative, policy, organizing communications and strategic support to NPA’s network of more than 250 community organizers in 18 states working on putting People and Planet First through campaigns on financial justice, fair taxes, job quality, environmental justice and racial justice. Liz has been with NPA for 6 years after more than 10 years away. She began her career in organizing and policy at NPA, working on Federal Housing Administration reform and community reinvestment issues. In the interim, Liz was a Senior Affordable Housing Business Manager in the Chicago regional office of Fannie Mae, and the Director of Policy and Program Development for the Home Ownership Center of Minnesota. A Chicago native, Liz currently lives in Southern California with her husband and two children and still can’t get over how nice the weather is.

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