Kendra Davis

Voice of the Experienced (VOTE).
Kendra Davis is a water sign whose oldest and most steady love is writing. For her more formal work, she listens to the stories of formerly incarcerated leaders and uses those teachings to writes about the criminal (in)justice system in a way that centers the experiences, needs and visions of those closest to the problem. In her less formal work, she uses word magic to connect us with our personal and collective divinity. She is passionate and curious about culture change, especially as it relates to themes of love, ancestry, healthy relationships and transformative justice. When she is not exploring those topics, she can be found dancing in a variety of environments, riding around town on her bike and searching for waters to swim in. Kendra is a queer whose heart has been taken by New Orleans/Bulbancha, though she is originally from an island whose indigenous name is Conanicut. Every day she stays rooted in her love for these lands, and does her best to reciprocate the expansive Love she has experienced here.

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