Jade Daniels

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance .
Jade Daniels joined the GGJ team October 2018 as Communications Coordinator after working with the GGJ and It Takes Roots team on Solidarity to Solutions week. She is a community member, journalist, an activist, an artist, a writer, and fervent lover of her people. She comes from a racial justice/ worker organizing background. Jade’s motivating force in this work is to create and contribute to spaces and platforms which allow the people to be their own narrators and history keepers of their struggles, their victories, and their lives. She has previously served as both the Communications Organizer and Coalition Organizer at the South Central based Los Angeles Black Worker Center. She is an active organizer and member of Black Lives Matter- Los Angeles, and serves on the board of her Los Angeles based Afro-futuristic Queer Femme Artist Collective, SnatchPower. Jade also works to promote international solidarity and bridge-building- primarily with Afro- Brazilian organizations, movements, and struggles based in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro areas. She loves dancing anywhere and everywhere, creating resilient radical art, loud full belly laughter, reading with her dog outside, and traveling this world. Jade(at)ggjalliance(dot)org

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