Irene Romulo

Organized Communities Against Deportations.
​Irene was born and raised in Chicago. She first started organizing in California on housing and immigrant rights campaigns. It was there that she was first introduced to movement work led by and for people of color, that really understood not only what Black and Brown communities were facing but also recognized their power, and had an analysis of the ways that communities’ struggles are joined, here and internationally. Since then she’s dedicated herself to organizing collectively to achieve a shared vision of a world where we can live fully, freely, and beautifully. One without prisons, without detention centers, without exploitation, and without the institutions and systems that harm us and the planet. In Chicago she has been deeply involved with Organized Communities Against Deportations to organize against deportations and the criminalization of Black and Brown communities. In the past she has been involved in international solidarity organizing work, has organized alongside day laborers to address workplace issues, and is currently on staff with the Chicago Community Bond Fund.

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