Imelda Mejia

ACLU of Texas.
Imelda Mejia is the ACLU of Texas’ Communications Coordinator. Imelda was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She has a Hispanic background and enjoys learning about and experiencing other cultures. As a first generation college student, Imelda used her time at Arizona State University to learn as much as possible. At the completion of her four years, she graduated with a B.A in Journalism & Mass Communication, a B.A in Political Science, and a certificate in Italian studies. Prior to joining the ACLU of Texas, Imelda worked as a news reporter in South Texas. She focused on human interest stories as well as stories that held those in power responsible for their actions such as reporting on subsequent resident outrage that an oil company filed a permit to drill near a residential area, and a mayor seen using city resources to landscape his yard.

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