Fernando Nuñez

Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha.
Growing up in Argentina, in a household that was always active in the labor movement, shaped my cosmovision in invaluable ways. My parents taught me and my brothers the importance of having a critical view of the system while treating my neighbors with empathy. My mother grew up in a farm; she is the strongest, most intelligent woman I ever met, and from her I learned the most important lesson: to be compassionate with everybody I meet. My father is a Paraguayan immigrant who fled his home country due to political persecution, and who, through a lot of hard work and thanks to the unwavering support of his family, was able to graduate from law school, and from him I learned to cherish the pursuit of justice as an ideal. I initially planned to follow my father’s path and enrolled in law school myself, but after two internships at two different law firms here in Minnesota I realized that the practice of law was very different from what I had envisioned. I decided to continue my education in this country, and thanks in great part to my amazing professors of color, I realized that storytellers could also look and sound like me. I realized that my desire to pursuit justice would be better served by uplifting the voices of those around me through my writing. I then changed my major to Professional Journalism, and started working in the school newspaper where I became the Editor in Chief. In that role I dedicated most of my work to empower writers of color and to offer a counter-narrative to the student body. I would eventually have to cut my education short due to adverse financial conditions, and decided to start working in the restaurant industry where I experienced first hand the abuse service workers go through in this country, and how heavily racialized this abuse is. This moved me to lead an attempt to unionize one of the restaurants where I worked. Because of the lessons that life taught me and my professional profile I am confident that I am a stellar candidate for your program, and I look forward to contacting you soon to talk about the possibility of an interview.

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