Esthefanie Solano

InnerCity Struggle.
Esthefanie Solano(Esthef) is a queer, CaliMexicana raised in the Boyle Heights, California. She has been organizing in the Eastside of Los Angeles since the age of 15. As a student at Roosevelt High School, she was introduced to InnerCity Struggle’s youth organizing club, United Students . Being raised by a single, immigrant mother, Esthef learned how exploitation, broken immigration laws and disinvestments in high need neighborhoods took a toll on families’ wellness. Organizing because the tool she used to heal, transform and empower her community and herself. For the past 7 years, she has been able be part of campaigns that have led to a drastic increase in school funding, began to reshape what school discipline looks like and activated disenfranchised voters to pass progressive policies to decriminalize communities of color and raise revenue for public services. She loves to learn about herbal and traditional ways of healing to incorporate into her youth organizing work and her personal self care practices.

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