Cori Mykoff

Silver Lining Mentoring.
Cori has always been fortunate to work with organizations whose missions seek to improve lives in a community-driven way. As a beneficiary of strong role models, Cori feels that access to great mentorship can change lives, and is honored that this passion has led her to Silver Lining Mentoring—a proven leader in providing this critical service to young people who need it most. Before Silver Lining, Cori was the senior development officer at The Posse Foundation in Boston, where she directed local fundraising efforts through collaboration with volunteer leaders, corporate sponsorships, grants, and events. Previously, she was the development officer at TERC, where she worked on federal research grants and national educator trade shows. Cori began her career at The Boston Bar Association and Foundation, where she helped to administer over $1 million in legal aid grants annually, and coordinated several volunteer committees and efforts. Outside of Silver Lining, Cori is a Board Member of The Philanthropy Connection, and volunteers with Emerson College, her alma mater.

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