Carly Wier

Cook Inletkeeper.
Carly Wier is the Executive Director of Cook Inletkeeper, an organization dedicated to protecting the Cook Inlet watershed and all the life it sustains. Carly joined Cook Inletkeeper after several years leading a statewide campaign dedicated to keeping Alaska’s vast coal resources in the ground in to prevent the impact that developing those resources would have on our climate and the lands, water and people of Alaska. Originally from Colorado, Carly got her start in community organizing on the campus of CU-Boulder where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Environmental Studies and was active in the Student Union and CU Recycling Program. From there she moved on to support and lead organizations working on community-based change from Leadville, Colorado to Homer, Alaska, including 10 years at the High Country Conservation Center in Summit County, Colorado. In her free time, Carly enjoys playing in the snow, wondering the beaches, and learning about Alaska’s amazing natural world.

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