Alicia Briancon

Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada.
Originally from Maryland, Alicia is a political communication strategist with campaign and policy experience in DC and Nevada. She has also worked in all areas of political campaigns, including field, finance, digital, communications, and candidate management at the local and federal level. Her political career on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Aide and she transitioned to state politics in the Maryland State legislature. More recently, she ran the digital and outreach program for an in-state progressive SuperPac in Las Vegas. She is an Emerge 2016 graduate and successfully completed the PCCC Candidate training. Her passion is authentic storytelling and thoughtful leadership. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland, College Park in Criminal Justice and will complete her master’s degree in Strategic Communications at American University Winter 2019. She is a dance fitness enthusiast and makes and sells bold progressive jewelry on Etsy.

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