The other day Jen Soriano (ReFrame Mentor and program advisor) called me. I could hear the clatter of dishes, a hissing espresso machine, and snippets of other people’s conversations in the background. 

We’ve been talking a lot in the last few weeks since we launched the program. Now we are getting ready for the opening retreat next week where we will bring together seven mentees, their supervisors, a few trainers, and four mentors for a few days of face to face learning and relationship building that will carry us through six months of virtual coaching and training. 

“I went down the rabbit hole of cleaning out my computer today,” Jen said, “And I found all of these articles and tools that I could use for my mentees and maybe other mentors could too.” 

I could see what was coming, Jen and I have become work-psychic recently. 

“We should host them on the mentorship website… so I can get them off my desktop and into a space where people can actually use them,” she added. 

Starting today with the Echoing Justice Report (disclosure – Jen and I both worked on this) we will be posting, re-posting, repurposing, upcycling, and generally bringing back to life articles, tools, and reports that we have found useful as communications strategists. 

I’m also calling on you, comms nerds, to send me all of the junk – articles, tools, reports, images, – that has shaped your thinking and practice around strategic communications for social justice. Send all junk to mentorship (a) 

Echoing Justice
Echoing Justice was an action research project of the Echo Justice Communications Collaborative—a multi-year initiative that came together several years ago to  support communications strategies that strengthen racial justice alliances and their impact. The Echoing Justice report team included staff of the Center for Media Justice, the Praxis ProjectCenter for Story Based Strategy,  the Movement Strategy CenterCommunity Media Workshop, and UNITY Alliance. 

The Echo Justice Collaborative was one of the many places where the seeds of the ReFrame Mentorship were planted. 

echoing-justice-7 by api-282673316 on Scribd

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