Since 2003, Caitlin has been organizing and building movements in red states: working across race, class, culture, gender, sexuality and faith. Caitlin is known across social justice movements as a leader, strategist, and writer. She is the former co-director of Southerners On New Ground (SONG), where for almost a decade she co-led innovative intersectional movement building work in the LGBTQ sector. Under Caitlin’s co-leadership, SONG led campaigns, trained hundreds of new LGBTQ organizers in the South, built a membership of over 3,000, and became the largest grassroots LGBTQ organization in the South. 
Caitlin began her work in the South doing popular education and organizer training at the historic Highlander Center in Tennessee. She is the former Campaign Director of Side with Love at the Unitarian Universalist Association where she served as a bridge between grassroots social movements and the denomination. Caitlin Breedlove joined Auburn Seminary in March 2017 as the vice president of movement leadership where her work includes resourcing and supporting frontline organizers while co-creating containers for them to do their best work. She is the board president of Equality Arizona, and a senior board member at SONG. She is the host of the podcast “Fortification,” which interviews movement leaders and organizers about their spiritual lives. She currently lives in Phoenix.

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