Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill is the Chief Creative Officer at Cook Inletkeeper in Anchorage, Alaska and works on digital and traditional communications with a large coalition of organizations throughout the state. He moved to Alaska in 2012 to join communities organizing to stop a wave of open-pit coal mines and has helped organize direct action trainings, campaigns and grassroots mobilizations targeting extraction industries and widening the lens on decolonization. Starting in 2007 Brandon participated in the creation and dissemination of the “True Cost of Coal”, a graphic narrative with the Beehive Design Collective, and continues to blend art and activism into popular education opportunities. He is a documentarian with Survival Media Agency and has been a videographer on a film series about indigenous land rights in Malaysian Borneo and co-produced the film “Chuitna: More Than Salmon on the Line”, Winner of Best Environmental Film at the International Wildlife Film Festival in 2015. He believes that it is essential to be reflecting our movements creatively so that more people see themselves in it.

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