Catalyst Program Manager

Catalyst Program manager To apply, please fill out this form and be prepared to submit materials in PDF format (further instructions below). ReFrame envisions a world where marginalized communities have the power to shape meaning and material conditions toward justice. Achieving this vision for racial, gender, economic and climate justice requires social movements to work […]

GOTV: Tools for Fighting Disinformation NOW & Beyond

Many who believe in justice are fighting hard for victories at the ballot box. However, our opponents are spreading disinformation that threaten the just future we are all working towards. This disinformation seeks to disrupt trust in accuracy, and rides off of old narratives that have used racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia to target and […]

Announcing the new Disinfo Defense Toolkit!

Curated by ReFrame and PEN America for the Disinfo Defense League. We are facing a storm of disinformation, conspiracy theories, half-truths and lies. But organizers know what’s up. We just need relevant tools to push back while continuing to advance our work for justice. We understand that while the details of the disinfo might be […]

Fighting Disinformation, Building Narrative Power

At ReFrame, we envision a world where marginalized communities have the power to shape meaning and material conditions toward justice. To get there, we first need to understand that the terrain on which we’re operating is stacked against us. We are organizing and telling stories on an uneven playing field, where the underlying narratives have […]


Google Trend map graph with three lines of red, blue, and yellow to show the volume of searches for hazard pay, paycheck protection, unemployment benefits

Exploring the narrative weather of Covid-19. The Rona Report is a project of ReFrame and Solea Signals. COVID time is confusing. It can feel like light speed and sloth slow all at once. The same goes for public debate at this time; trending concepts like “flatten the curve” and “Grandma Killer” can appear and disappear within days and weeks, […]


At ReFrame, drawing from our experiences inside of other crisis moments, two of the tools we’ve been using to coordinate our team in the time of COVID-19 is individual and organizational threat modeling & SWOT planning.  Threat ModelingThreat modeling is a practice to prepare individuals and organizations in the event of threat – like the […]


We are here with you. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone who is struggling right now.  Like many people across the country, at ReFrame, we are sorting through the many layers of worry and stress to prepare. We are shoring up our staff and networks to survive this crisis, and to lean into the […]

Tim Buckingham

I currently live in Lexington Kentucky with my partner, Amy, our daughter Joleigh, our son Hagan, and our dog Ellie. I joined KFTC staff as a Communication Associate in 2007. I am primarily involved in materials and message production with a leg immersed in grassroots fundraising. I have MA in Critical Media Studies from the University of Kentucky. I’m active in local community organizing around equal access to transportation. I’m a founding member of the amazing Broke Spoke Community Bike Shop (

Tori Cress

Tori Cress is an Anishinaabe mother of two, from Beausoleil First Nation on Christian Island, Ontario, Canada. Tori has been organizing Idle No More events around Ontario since the rise of the Idle No More movement in November 2012. Tori works part-time for Idle No More in an administrative role and spends much of the rest of her time volunteering for Idle No More and Defenders of the Land. She works with others on the Idle No More communications team and the development committee. Tori also drives a taxi cab in small town Midland to help fund grassroots work locally.